The "Notch" is the New Rose Gold

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The "Notch" is the New Rose Gold

Something that I have started to realize that our cellphones themselves should be considered a fashion accessory with a diverse set of the os, looks, and specs. So with the world mobile congress wrapping up, the one thing that is starting to stand out is there are two sides of "notch" or no "notch", Asus shows off the new Zenphone 5 with the iPhone X ish "notch"

Photo courtesy of anandtech

and Vivo revealed a very ambitious concept phone with no bezels and no "notch"
Photo courtesy of  9to5google

Google released a budget phone line named aptly android go, I think this is a fantastic way to show the power of Android (plus this is a great way to get a backup phone for cheap). 

Nokia is hitting people in the feels with nostalgia showing their matrix 8110

Photo sourced from the verge

what didn't we see? headphone jacks, yes apparently they are standing strong that headphone jacks are a thing of the past. It is time to get your Bluetooth on... 
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