As technology becomes more and more a part of our lives, we find ways to incorporate them into other facets that already exist like watches, glasses, shoes, even our houses. It’s only natural for fashion to evolve with technology in mind. That is why I started this company.

I feel that technology and fashion can coincide with each other, gone are the days of pocket protectors and calculator watches (mostly) we live in a world of technology so why not embrace it, why not create practical accessories to keep your tech in check?

From bracelets that double as a phone charger to toques with built-in microphones, I have set out to find high-quality tech fashion accessories in the unlimited expanse full of knockoffs and empty promises of the internet so you don’t have to.

Why would I do this?  The same reason as most geeks do what they do, to achieve something amazing.  All profits from this site will bring me one step closer to a lifelong dream… to go into space, yes I said it, I want to purchase one of the first commercial flights into space.

So please have a gander at my wares, let me know if you are looking for something in particular and I will try my hardest to find the best for you.