2-in-1 Kitchen Non-stick Spatula & Tongs

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Don't take forever on gripping and tossing your food when cooking!

Introducing, the 2-in-1 Kitchen Non-stick Spatula & Tongs, your cooking partner that flips like a spatula and grabs like a tong! It's a combination of stainless steel tongs and a pliable silicone cradle. It allows you to pick up food more easily as it provides a base through which food cannot fall.

  • Combination of spatula and tongs
  • Flip, grab, hold, and scoop a wide variety of foods
  • Cradle is made of silicone and frame is made from stainless steel
  • Pick up and hold food with the hammock/cradle design
  • Non-stick and resists heat
  • Easy to Clean and dishwasher safe

The Clever Food Tongs allows you to scoop and squeeze in order to more firmly grip your food and congest the oil out, giving you a greaseless food. It can even resist up to 400 degrees heat and is also dihwasher safe.

Avoid the messy cooking with grabbing and flipping your food. Get your clever Food Tongs now!


Weight: 13.6 ounce
Size: 12 x 5.6 x 1.5 inches Package Inclusion:

1x Spatula Tongs