Double Eggs Poacher Steamer Cooker

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Prepare perfect poached eggs in minutes with this microwave egg poacher, simply fill with water and add your egg to create a tasty breakfast at home or at work.

Features & Benefits

Poached eggs can be tricky to get right, but cooking them in water usually gives the best results. Now this can be quickly and easily replicated in a microwave oven with Double Eggs Poacher Steamer Cooker.

How to make your perfect poached eggs:

  • Half fill compartment with cold water.
  • Crack egg into compartment using the handy integrated egg cracker.
  • Top up water until egg is completely submerged.
  • Gently pierce the top of the yolk once with a sharp knife
  • Cover with lid
  • Place the product in the centre of the microwave
  • Follow the provided cooking instructions.
  • Lift and drain poached egg using the special colander.

The power rating (wattage) specified on the packaging is for guidance only. All microwaves vary, please adjust the cooking time to suit your appliance.

Caution: Always protect hands when removing container from the microwave oven. Container or its contents may become very hot. Take extra care when draining hot water. Dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: 23.5 × 10.7 × 6 cm (9¼ x 4¼ x 2½ inches)