Full Moon Pendant Chain

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Blue moon pendant is handcrafted using an highest quality art print set in a 1-inch (25mm) silver bezel. The artwork is sealed under glass to protect and enhance the image. 24" silver metal chain necklace is included with each pendant.

The Moon is in synchronous rotation with Earth, always showing the same face with its near side marked by dark volcanic maria that fill between the bright ancient crustal highlands and the prominent impact craters. It is the most luminous object in the sky after the Sun. Although it appears a very bright white, its surface is actually dark, with a reflectance just slightly higher than that of worn asphalt.

Its prominence in the sky and its regular cycle of phases have, since ancient times, made the Moon an important cultural influence on language, calendars, art, and mythology. The Moon's gravitational influence produces the ocean tides and the slight lengthening of the day.

The Moon's current orbital distance is about thirty times the diameter of Earth, causing it to have an apparent size in the sky almost the same as that of the Sun. This allows the Moon to cover the Sun nearly precisely in total solar eclipse. This matching of apparent visual size is a coincidence. The Moon's linear distance from Earth is currently increasing at a rate of 3.82±0.07 cm per year, but this rate is not constant.

Feel free to communicate with me if you have any questions or requests for pendants with custom artworks, pendant will carefully created by me personally for you.

This listing is for the pendant as shown above could be a awesome stylish gift for women or kids for important events of your life, and could help to keep this special days in your memories.

  • This pendant is handcrafted using an art print set in a 25 mm plated bezel.
  • The artwork is sealed under glass to protect and enhance the image handcrafted with a crystal clear glass dome on top that enhances the artwork
  • NICKEL FREE and allergy safe.