Luxury Quality Smart Wallet

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This gorgeous genuine leather smart wallet is not only fashionable, it's also an anti-theft device two-way finding Bluetooth enabled Smart Wallet.

Colors include:
Litchi Black
Litchi Brown
Soft Black
Soft Brown

The world’s smartest and most technologically advanced bi-fold wallet. The best defence against today’s advanced hackers, pickpockets and our own forgetful minds, with 10 smart functions:

  • Bluetooth 2-way communication - phone and wallet tracking
  • Geolocation with push notification alarm
  • Proximity detection
  • Security movement and fall detection
  • Anti-theft distance sound alarm
  • UV lamp for detecting counterfeit banknotes
  • RFID protection section
  • NFC chip with programming options
  • RGB light with personalization of color
  • Wireless charging

With all the tech, 15 cards and cash inside, still remain slim, pocket-sized and easy to use. A combination of a contemporary design, premium Italian materials, and advanced technology has resulted in a stylish and practical wallet.