Professional Nail Art Drawing Polish Printer Stamper

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This DIY Nail Art Stamper is designed to stamp the cute images on your nails. You can decorate your nails with lovely images, flowers, animals, etc. Just wait a few minutes, your nails will look much more eye-catching.

Product Features: 

Precise Stamping--Unlike hand-held nail stamps, DIY Nail Art Stamper holds and positions your fingertips for precise stamping. 

Easy DIY nail art--you can stamp indifferent kinds of images to create a unique eye-catching look on your lovely nails, and it easy for you to have salon quality nail art. 

Use Flexible--It works on both your hands and feet, so you can give yourself really cool designs on them. 

Stylish Design--Cute and lovely design, easy operation, no batteries, no wires.

Package Include:

1 x Nail Printing Machine

6 x Metal Pattern Plates