Self-heating Magnetic Therapy Waist Belt

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If you have a problem with stiffness in the lower part of the back due to too much sitting or standing at work or because of physical effort, the lumbar section of your lumbar back and magnets is something that will help you to solve these disadvantages.

The thermal belt with magnets for the lumbar part of the back is exceptionally favorable on the lower part of the back. It is extremely pleasant to carry because it is not thick and has air vents so you do not get too sweaty. The slightly heated lumbar part, and the magnets contained therein improve the microcirculation and thus alleviate or completely relieve pain.

This belt is especially suitable for those who have long seat at work, in a car / bus. It can be carried by people who already have problems with the lumbar part, but can also be cautious and preventive.

You will feel the pleasant warmth of this fantastic belt after 40 minutes, and for maximum results it is recommended to wear 4-6 hours a day. It is recommended that the belt always be worn over the skin of the shirt, so that there will be no irritation due to wearing directly on the skin.


-Width: 16cm

-Length: 110 cm

It is very easy to maintain: it is enough to gently wipe it with a damp cloth. You do not need to immerse it all in the water, you do not need to iron it or expose it to the sun and the action of strong magnetic fields.